Almatec Pulsation Dampener

Almatec Pulsation DampenerAs with any air operated double diaphragm pump, the reciprocating action produces a pulsating flow. In order to greatly reduce the pulsation and provide a more straight line flow, a pulsation dampener must be used in conjunction with the pump.

The Almatec ET Series dampeners are attached directly to the top of the pump via a flanged or NPT connection. ET Series Pulsation dampeners are available for every Almatec E Series pump. The dampeners are self-regulating allowing the automatic adjustment to optimize the diaphragm setting and ensure a consistently good dampening effect.

Construction: Wetted Materials – Polyethylene; Conductive Polyethylene; Teflon/PTFE; Conductive Teflon/PTF; Damper Head Materials – Polyamide or Conductive Polyethylene